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2/12/ · The European Commission has fined five banks for participating in an illegal foreign exchange trading cartel. UBS, Barclays, RBS, HSBC and Credit Suisse were fined a 3/12/ · Dec 3, AM EST Four banks — Barclays PLC BCS, Credit Suisse Group AG CS, HSBC Holdings plc HSBC and NatWest Group plc NWG — have been fined million 2/12/ · The latest investigation focused on foreign exchange (forex) spot trading of G10 currencies, the most liquid and traded currencies in the world, which include the U.S. dollar, FXCartel is the number one place for forex education, from entry level to in person courses. Created back in by Sebastien Dub Visit: ( FX Cartel's mission is to bring quality education to the retail trading community, to help people build their wealth by teaching them how to become profitable traders. FOLLOW OUR TEAM ... read more

And if it match the. that may comfort me in the. potential by mainly. so in term of uh gold. massive cell. so i may anticipate uh. to happen the opening a slightly higher.

a retest there. hoping to get this cell this. week which will be. this is cad. to be honest on. this work but i did not. take it due to the uh the quantity of. fundamental launch we had. i shared that on. instagram final week so this did work. pretty well. worked pretty properly we had the whole. covers on our um. to uh. where was this.

this was the breakdown that we had for. it followed through pretty properly so i am. Actually lengthy from there i am gonna hold. on to it to see. worst case now you would go to the small. area there on the the moving average. i feel a bit extra upside um possible. a lot.

on ga. i missed the shot there again too many. uh too much longer made me bail on that. one and it works pretty nicely. we coated that and. yeah so silver. quite good on the on the. on the worth. uh again i said that on. social media. this week that by was quite good. buy so was fairly good. so this is it our sunday prep is over. most of the time i will not have much to do. generally i should redo every thing. as a end result of the worth has moved outdoors of. so which was the case for gn which i.

defined so gn. silver gold and gg covered so now. Just have to attend the opening and see. what the wick is uh is giving us. has happened since yesterday uh charting.

so gm is working out uh. and we also have gga making a. transfer from the level so if you keep in mind. yesterday all the father or mother pair were on. the assist degree. going to check that out. so first one. is our. we acted fairly nicely now from the level. so we have been expecting an preliminary move of. and it is now working round 60 pips from.

area there so keep in mind this is coming. from the previous. rejection we had round here. there on the day by day this one. and it made a big rejection. there so it was truthful to uh anticipate. a 30 pips pull back like this. which was accomplished so what happened on. this one it completed the commerce i used to be. Expecting so it retraced and got here again. to the pattern line. and went decrease. this morning when i jumped on the chart.

noticed the transfer the retracement being made. and it did not break the trend line so i. was fascinating to see if it was going. to return again on that degree and see if it. was going to bounce on by the level and. when it did come again to that stage he.

come again there. on this one. all the opposite pairs started to retrace. so it. type of informed me that the move. overall transfer total strength for the. pound was arising. hello guys so it is tuesday the 9th of. november i am. simply going to examine the charts i can. already see. that gn buy from the. rejection we highlighted on. sunday is doing the pips so we anticipated. to drag again from this. we did not know what to expect however we. knew we might anticipate a 30 pips.

so i did take my. and now. operating as defined yesterday. a hundred and fifty pips which is basically really good so. free on chart. okay so.

we have. right now. which is uh. it is really quicker to it on the phone. so the sort of setup i will be wanting. so for this i will use. a setup like this. so right now. and we will take a. counter shot. and there. so we still have all these short working. yeah so what i feel. is to provide it 30 pips on this one. so i am gonna give it. and you can see that it will be much more. Difficult from it and it goes to stop.

i feel. a 3rd out of my current lengthy to make. up for what i simply misplaced so. which implies that. my mortgage will still be making money alongside. the way. however i should take a third. chunk out of it. to account for the try of. going back down. that facet mainly. so the setup. if i show you on a clean. taking a glance at something like this. so a threat like that. for a reward of. initial 30 pips. most likely not good for you should you just.

take a commerce one to one or three hour. excessive accuracy rate. a pretty good accuracy rate however if you. take a counter commerce with a position. riskfree in a method you simply lose off the. unrealized revenue that you have got made so. losing a bit of the revenue you could. potentially make. so i call that threat free. one to at least one is perfectly fantastic. what you could do however is that if. your oneto-one. break even. and go away the full place operating if.

play a much bigger role in your trade. is whenever you think that the fundamentals. are still. general down. due to this fact every counter position you. take you quick depart it. that by. if i take the counter trend it makes pips i may catch the whole buy and. then maintain on to the cell however like i. stated yesterday we eat an all. an general. rally level for all of the pound pair which. is what i updated yesterday to the uh. and what does that imply it signifies that.

the the mother or father has the potential to. reverse throughout the the whole um. currency market. in the intervening time. a reversal so long term not necessarily. but brief time period yes but the quick term is. how short. quick term must be short. not going to bail out on my bike on gm. so what i will do is. on this particular commerce. so from this lengthy. right down to the position for as long as i. test for this one. shall be to see what happened there.

if we see a pullback i want to say pull. back to this area. if we do not even go to this space then. robust to the upside if you go there and. we retest and you come back right here and we. break that down and we go there. momentum to the upside not as robust as. if we are not even going there but still. robust sufficient. so if we get.

certainly one of these. so principally if this commerce. when you just pull back to the small pips and return up it is smart for.

me to hold on to that position as a outcome of. doubtlessly there might be much more upside. and like i mentioned i am actually attention-grabbing.

and nonetheless have some curiosity to this. area there. and this. everything you have got on on one to as a outcome of more often than not you will you. will fail to get this so it implies that. You will fail to safe some profit. alongside the best way and that will build up. frustration frustration provides up. um being. impatient if you come to look for. another setup and you will inevitably. leap onto commerce since you are.

annoyed so. doing it the method in which i do i secure profit. alongside the method in which but i all the time attempt to play. the longer. much much rewarding trade but when it. would not work out. i nonetheless made cash alongside the way in which so. good instance is is that this huge. transfer down pips i feel 14 which i. grabbed from one single trade and that i. lot of money alongside the greatest way on this trade. and now to the point that if it is. now the reversal.

come again up i am nice as a outcome of. i made it work for me. just waiting for this path to determine. Whether we break. or we bounce so we counter quick. if we uh go up and hit cease loss. the chunk out of our log. if we make these 30 pips.

i think. a partial. three quarter of it and then maintain on to. lengthy if you come back we retest the legislation. but it appears to me that. the pound. began to rally on monday normally right. is on tuesday you might see some. reversal later right now and and tomorrow. whether or not we take a revenue from this rally.

or not so it seems to me that the plan. has obtained a bit extra upside. uh this week and that is what i am gonna. try to play on. for this particular. i think our key level could be to see. whether or not we go to the. What we are ready to do now. is that this. as slightly transfer down. as a end result of that is the principle 38 so my killer. is still around these. weight rejection. however now the zone has increased in measurement. as a outcome of the first convention is 38 there.

so my first confluence is going to. dictate the the width of the zone. and i am unable to ignore the first entry point. being the 38 itself so. see if we go there and if we do. we will get the response however what i can. anticipate that even if it does not react to. this price is that the worth can go all. the greatest way to my end of the box. and then. after which react and that would be. perfectly normal i would not panic if. this happened. okay so it is tuesday night.

jump on the highest with you rapidly. uh gn showed that we had been taking a glance at one. Nine zero zero zero worked out pretty. properly he did the 30 risk something because we used to buy. the running place as a. method of. removing the chance from that counter journey. so that labored out pretty properly so. catch 30ish. pips left or runner and the renault. broke even which is okay we tried in. case if it was going to reverse. back down which he did not so we nonetheless.

have the lengthy operating um. good leash and we had a riskfree. try at the shorts on the short so. the next trade that has just figured. which is the trigger which is gold so if. you look at golden which implies. we add. proper there. it took all day. to trigger so it played across the degree. which i knew it was to be honest. primary reason is i had a shot on silver.

Um one quarter of the place left to. try to maintain on to it and this has not. pushed back to break even whereas gold. has been shifting up barely. so which means to me that gold was. more probably to. in regards to the area where it was. which is round our cellar rail so it. did miss initially um midafternoon and. drop hundred pips so this is now a lot. but because i. took the bike on the brake we retest. which i confirmed you.

and permit me once more to take that counter. commerce waiver threat so it simply shows you. that this kind of buying and selling type. is extremely rewarding as a result of mentally it. frees you up of. that means of taking a threat. more often than not. traders do fail to um profit from an. alternative as a result of they do not like the. threat related to that chance.

and they simply search for the most effective. situation and never actually get to jump. one so this allowed you to um. develop your mental. thoughts recreation. for the for the buying and selling and allow you to. actually profile for these alternatives. associated with you find a good good. go away a runner and that renault goes. that can help you out in each. setup you are going to discover. on that pair should you still have it. so this.

this took the whole day. to get to the uh degree so if you have a glance at. for our you see that it. touched the lower end of my box.

and then dropped. about a hundred pips. from the low and entry and then dropped. nicely after which come again up and he. usually does that. gold will often simply go there and then. something that is very common with gold. due to the whole. silver thing. i used to be wanting on the ir nation and to. quite honest with you i used to be looking at. where it has been final time the top of the. week and the top of the week was.

making me look at around so now i am uh in. uh ought to pull you up the commerce. uh i imply. few pips. three quarters out of it and depart a.

quarter working and then. really know i do not really know if. is solely. tech trade there is not any. basic there is nothing to drive. s dollar stronger. that suggests this is going to be a. reversal for long term so. Know so i am i would be looking on the.

commerce if it was just a trade on its own. the risk actual ratio if i could then the. trade would be fascinating and i would. take the commerce for this i actually risk. nothing i simply danger a. a small portion of the unrealized revenue. that i am working so i am okay with. losing some of that. unrealized profit to take some more. profit along the best way basically. uh like set that up in a single day as a result of. and tomorrow when i get up.

the remainder of the trade. stop loss. again now to this. drop now or simply smash larger up. to remove a small portion of my profit.

and if he goes to. have to. will probably be. cashed on solely 50 pips. and it is likely to retrace and then come. again up once more and in cool what i really. understanding more about. the market in the future i commerce. so much one. precise commerce. tp mainly. so i took it back on on the development line. which is where i wished to enter.

uh aside from that. um so this labored out very nicely we had. we add to. we had. a commerce on this one. suggest you to go shop round there just. for uh. per week 30 pips which it did i was in. high danger commerce however it did. so what i used to be taking a look at. merely this. trend line there and the type of clever.

that we broke previous and retest. so all my purple space on my chart on the. chart shall be zone where uh if i took. thinking about taking yourself whereas. the the red one and the green one are a. sturdy arrow when i need to sell oh my. purple accomplished is the place i count on. a move to occur and be. shortterm lived. and then eventually break after which take.

the retest after which again. shortterm raise and i do that after so. normally a purple box on my chart is.

anticipate the break and then. do the alternative. What occurred. we came again all the means in which. so this one broad handed and we examined. after which went to this one labored so mess. round this one but it was already used. came back labored once more and then worked. once more and then broke. retest and on the retest it was price. the shot. so this was simply uh. c30 pip so this is what was despatched within the. in our chart analysis service.

so nothing exceptional on this one. what else did we now have. i believe that was it um. gg has been messing about that space so. that chew works fairly nicely after which. it is simply finding its fit so like i mentioned. the pound proper now. every little thing to be weak however was on a.

robust um. purchase degree throughout the entire currency. market so. which meant that the pound was cheap to. buy this is why i bought the pound and. held on to a good chunk on gm as a outcome of it. was low cost across the board. So it was worth. the attempt of shopping for and holding so now. deciding whether japan is. going with the circulate and. on to the purchase stage running and see. where we go i feel once we have handed. this space and comprehensive this is.

going to be the massive retest referred to as gm. and same for. comparable delicate of degree that shall be. most likely either at the finish of the. week could be friday i would like to be. friday friday late station.

this week has been solely win for me so i. alternative if he get that win on objective. the charts. it is wednesday. every opportunity. charted up on sunday. commerce that that could be. we have on so it has been coated in the. a potential um second counter thread as. a shot. the space remember the 38 film different. than that. gold has been. triggered overnight indeed the 50 pips. we have the runner um i think so. that is covered. they purchase and sell labored out fairly.

nicely on gm. three trades we shot on silver as well. in order that was the extent i was involved. and other than that a couple of. Opportunities which have been. into the chats. was a dangerous. a sort of bright retest area with a. trendline touch and that did 90 pips i.

did not take the trade. too risky for me however it will work out. hey guys it is thursday i will. replace the week thus far as a outcome of i will not. be on the market much tomorrow so simply.

lots has happened. we will check what has occurred. on the chart. I don't know if the price will break above the upper channel line; what I know is this price zone has This analysis is only based on the technical analysis of the daily and weekly time frame If you have been following me since years ago, you know that I predicted the September Rally chart attached below, and the complete analysis attached link The incredible rally started on It was a pretty good analysis; the previous analysis predicted the bottom Click the chart below.

This analysis is purely based on the technical analysis, without Click the link in the Yellow circle to see the previous analysis. It was a perfect analysis; I predicted that after the Australia open international border news came out chart attached below. Currently, All eyes are waiting for the US unemployment data, and also Currently, all market conditions are volatile because of Russia x Ukraine issues; any I always love to predict the reversal; that's always been my strategy.

Currently, gold price gains are likely to be driven by the Ukraine x Russia tensions, and it's all news-driven price action. Based on the technical analysis, is strong resistance, and it was June high. If the price rejects the resistance, potentially, gold will reverse, or at I'm not following the Euro news, economy, and politics, but based on the technical analysis, currently, my chart shows that potentially EURUSD has already reached the bottom.

The price is now at the broken weekly trendline and the bottom of the potential falling wedge pattern. When the falling wedge pattern is found in a downward trend, it is considered a reversal The US Fed's emergency meeting and Russia Invasion news caused the crazy spiked on Gold, its news-driven price action.

Technically, I see an excellent risk-reward ratio to shorting Gold. If the price stays below the red resistance, I reckon Gold at least will fall to the target 1, 2, and 3 to retest the Be cautious of another breaking Currently, the price is retesting the June 12, , and December 5, , Minor trendline.

As long as the price stays above this line, I reckon AUDUSD will start to climb to retest the February 25, Down trendline. However, a breakout below this support, AUDUSD potentially falls deeper to retest June 12, low at a 0. Catalyst: - AUD Cash rate The last drop was from to Chart attached below ; it was a pretty good trade for the seller. Also, I notice a potential bear flag pattern, a Here's the analysis that I shared on November 10, ibb. Even an Uber driver gave me some insight to keep buying the bitcoin when the price was at 65k; he predicted the price would go up to k by December because Technically, DXY is still in bullish momentum.

As long as the price stays above the However, a price breakout and close below the What we know so far, Powell signals rate hikes and balance sheet The gold price has been ranging in level since December Based on the price action right now, there's a possibility that gold will fall to restest the bottom flag line at zone. What we know so far, Powell signals rate hikes and balance sheet runoff, but yields hold steady, CPI 0. jobless claims rise by 23, to Sometimes we need to make the chart as simple as possible to understand the market direction.

I only use one minor trendline and one support line in this analysis. So far, the price has already breakout and closed below the "red" line, a pretty strong indication that the market potential will be falling deeper to retest the s neckline. Tomorrow Fed Chair Currently, the price action shows a potential descending channel. The "bottom" price would be at zones based on the technical analysis. This week we are all waiting for JOLTS, y and y Bond Auction, Unemployment, and CPI data.

Here are all the charts that I posted since the beginning of this analysis GoldCartel Mod. Joined t.

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Forex traders at heart of ‘Cartel’ chat rooms on twitter most well-known forex traders at banks whose combined market power at times amounted to more than 40 per cent of global 2/12/ · The latest investigation focused on foreign exchange (forex) spot trading of G10 currencies, the most liquid and traded currencies in the world, which include the U.S. dollar, Forex scandal comes down to case against the ‘Cartel’ Three British traders deny chatroom banter amounted to price fixing in US trial DoJ is eager to show it can apply antitrust law to Trader GoldCartel — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView GoldCartel Message Cheer Joined 4 years ago Reputation Ideas 0 Scripts Boosts Followers FXCartel is the number one place for forex education, from entry level to in person courses. Created back in by Sebastien Dub Visit: ( 2/12/ · The European Commission has fined five banks for participating in an illegal foreign exchange trading cartel. UBS, Barclays, RBS, HSBC and Credit Suisse were fined a ... read more

retest of the trend line that trendline. came back labored once more and then worked. so this will be truly my first uh. Currently, the price action shows a potential descending channel. not essentially massive time from there. There and 35 most probably.

channel there. going on your regular results calendar. for a reward of. um look out for this video. uh ought to pull you up the commerce.